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about Lis Sand

I live in Skanderborg, close to the woods hosting what is known as the most beautiful festival in Demark, which is true, all year round.

I grew up in this area, graduating from high school in Skanderborg and took my Master’s degree in English at the Århus School of Business in 1980.
Immediately after, I started teaching at the Business School in Århus and in Herning, where we lived for a number of years.
Besides, I taught specialised Business English courses to business people and professional groups like engineers and accountants.

Around 2000 I felt it was time for a change and set up as a self-employed translator.  Soon after, I had managed to build up a client base, who send me very interesting and diverse texts for translation or language revision. Combined with my teaching for Danske Sprogseminarer and Translatørernes Sprogtræning, I have the best job I could possibly imagine.

In my spare time I am a doting grandmother, take pilates and fitness classes, like to read and watch films, and I am volunteer worker for Skanderborg Kulturhus

The best way to reach me is by e-mail.

Lillesøvej 18 C, 1
DK-8660 Skanderborg

mail: lis.sand@mail.dk
tel: +45 8652 5553

CVR: 27 36 03 94