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research papers

I have a great deal of experience in cooperating with researchers in different areas, e.g.

  • economics
  • medicine
  • sociology
  • psychiatry
  • law

For instance translation of their research papers, dissertations, research summaries or power point presentations .

Danish researchers often write their texts in English, but may need a revision of them to ensure that the text does not read like a text written by a non-native speaker. It is a fact that researchers who are native speakers of English stand a better chance of having their research published than researchers using
English as a foreign language. 

I can offer to correct and revise a research paper to make sure it is grammatically correct, uses correct punctuation and is idiomatic; that is, uses the right words in combination and in the context. But I always correct with the greatest respect for the writer’s text – he or she is the expert and the meaning of the text
must remain the same. That is why cooperation with the researcher is vital for a good result.