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Translatør Lis Sand

I am a state-authorised translator of Danish and English. I translate and do language revision of texts written in English or Danish, besides teaching.

There are various approaches to working with languages. I am convinced that the most important requirements for the work are a thorough academic training, broad professional experience, and a passion for words and languages.
I have great respect for the text I work with and the effort the writer put into producing it. That is why I prefer to work with texts that really matter; texts that the writer is passionate about or that have great consequences for the person who needs a translation of the text. It is important for me to know where and what the text is to be used for, before I start working on it.

We agree on the deadline for the text in advance, and I take great pride in delivering on time. We also agree on the price: a fixed price per word I translate or correct, depending on an assessment of the individual text.