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It is common misconception that translation is primarily about translating one word into another in the foreign language:
horse is 'cheval' in French and 'hest' in Danish – so what’s the problem? Surely all that is needed is a good dictionary, and really a software program
should be able to do the trick. 

Usually, finding the individual words is not the problem; it is the stuff linking the individual words that presents problems.
That is, correct grammar, collocations – words that normally go together, any cultural differences in the use of a particular word.

But the most important thing is that the translator understands the text and is able to render the meaning in a foreign language, not just the individual words.
And knows what the text is to be used for, to be able to create the same effect with the translation.
That is one of the reasons why personal contact with the client is important.

I translate a broad range of texts: brochures, homepages, research papers, legal documents (whether requiring a translator’s authorisation or not), just to mention a few examples. I prefer variation in my work and value working with diverse types of texts.